On the outskirts of the wine-growing village Gojinovac, in the Toplica Valley stands a striking ensemble of buildings amidst the endless vineyards: Toplicki Vinogradi Winery. Here, we have been producing wine since 2011. From the beginning, they knew that the vine is key to a good wine. Thus, in 2007, they begun planting high quality vines on old, previously existing vineyards, revitalizing a tradition almost lost due to the export embargo in former Yugoslavia.
It is vital for the grape to sustain its quality on the journey from vine to bottle, therefore, production was structured accordingly: The flow of the grapes the juice is guided by the forces of gravity. An area of 41 hectares is currently in production and will be dedicated to Prokupac, the autochthonous vine to southern Serbia. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are also grown. A further 40 hectares of Prokupac will be planted within the next 2 years.
Toplicki Vinogradi wines are available directly from the winery Gojinovac, worldwide.

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Tours and Tastings

Tours and Tastings are available by appointment only. Tasting and tour groups are limited to 20 people. Participation fee applies to all those attending.- COMING SOON -

Afternoon tour and tasting

  • Offers an overview of what’s happening in the vineyard and winery
  • Guided tasting of a minimum of 6 wines
  • 1.5 - 2.0 hours
  • Euro 12.50 per person
  • Available at 2 pm

A brief overview of property history, tour of the vineyard, discussion of grape growing and winemaking. Get to know your varietals during our educational tasting of a minimum of 6 wines following the tour. Fee waived with equivalent purchase.


  • A seated small group tasting of 6 wines
  • 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Euro 8.50 per person
  • Available at 11 am

A seated educational tasting of a minimum of 6 wines. Fee waived with equivalent wine purchase.